NAX Report 03/18: NAX-Partner JUNG: Invention as Tradition

Invention as Tradition Timeless switch design and modern building technology from JUNG in South-East Asia

JUNG Showroom in Singapur

JUNG showroom in SingaporeMilton Tan

JUNG – deeply rooted in the region, operating worldwide

Founded in 1912, JUNG has since proven its pioneering spirit in developing and producing timeless products and future-oriented solutions, which are manufactured at the company’s two facilities located in Schalksmühle and Lünen, Germany. In 2011, JUNG received the Made in Germany label by TÜV Nord. Deeply rooted in the region and a reliable employer for decades, customers all over the world rely on the consistently superior quality of JUNG products. Today, JUNG has 1,200 employees in Germany, as well as 17 subsidiaries and 67 agencies in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. JUNG’s market penetration in South East Asia is particularly significant, having increased considerably in the last few years, featuring many top reference projects, a new showroom in Singapore (opened in July 2018) and participations in the most significant trade fairs, as well as exclusive events for architects.

JUNG – a strong partner in the Asian market for decades

JUNG first established itself in Asia in 1984: more than 30 years ago, the company participated in the Electric, Power & Renewable Energy Indonesia trade fair. Today, JUNG is represented at most of the internationally relevant Asian trade fairs in the fields of building, architecture and design. Back in 1984, the family-run company had already realised both the region’s potential in the building sector and the fact that there were outstanding architects, developers and electricians for which JUNG could become a strong partner. Since then, a large number of building projects have been implemented, including many unconventional and state-of-the-art buildings fitted with innovative KNX systems.

Following first presentations at trade fairs, the forging of partnerships and the initial establishment of the JUNG brand in the 1980s, the company established its own agency in South East Asia in 1996. Today, among others, JUNG has subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Milton Tan

2018 was a very special year for JUNG in South East Asia: for the first time, the company staged its JUNG Architecture Talks in Singapore, a long-established format in Germany and some European countries. For quite some time, green high-rises have been a reality, rather than a vision of the future, in major cities such as Singapore. Bio-facades can help to significantly reduce the energy needed for a building’s heating and cooling requirements and they can curb climate change. Under the theme Tropical High-rises. Architectural Advancements and Challenges five experts discussed the opportunities and challenges related to both vertical green facades and modern high-rise construction.

The panel was hosted by Peter Cachola Schmal (director of the German Architecture Museum, Frankfurt) and took place on 29 June 2018 at the Andaz Hotel Singapore.

JUNG Showroom in Singapur

JUNG showroom in SingaporeMilton Tan

Just one month later, on 29 July 2018, JUNG opened its showroom and experience center in the region after reconstruction. Many invited guests from the fields of architecture, design, construction and electrical installation celebrated the new milestone in the heart of Singapore.

LS 990 from JUNG: timeless conqueror of outstanding architecture in South East Asia​

Many of the recent and most spectacular buildings in the world have been created in the Asian region. The courage to go for something entirely new, a large number of investors and rapidly growing populations that need homes and offices, as well as intelligently designed public spaces are just a few of the reasons for this. Related to this development is the engagement with themes such as Green Cities, Sustainable Building and Modular Solutions for Living and Working. JUNG is represented in these building projects with both its range of switches and its building technology systems. A particularly excellent example of absolute comfort in one of South East Asia’s most significant cities is the Andaz Hotel in Singapore.

Milton Tan

With the Andaz designer hotel, Hyatt Hotel Group has created a luxury destination based on the highest demands. Andaz means ‘personal style’, a style that is visible in both the interior and exterior of this exclusive building, defined by two spectacularly shaped skyscrapers and by a monumental glazed façade. Further highlights are the infinity pool on the 25th floor and the rooftop bar and restaurant on the 39th floor.

The building was designed by renowned Berlin-based architectural studio Ole Scheeren, while Hong Kong-based designer André Fu was responsible for the hotel’s interiors. The luxury of the interiors and the hotel’s exclusive atmosphere are underlined by the work of internationally acclaimed artists such as Ahmad Abu Bakar, Andre Mendes and Monica Delgado. The LS 990 Dark (aluminium) design classic from JUNG moved into the Andaz, too. This timeless and elegant switch underlines the hotel’s exclusivity and, with its large surface and ease of use, only adds to the comfort. Architects and planners who would like to receive detailed information on future-oriented solutions from JUNG can contact JUNG’s agency in Singapore: JUNG Asia Pte Ltd will be happy to answer any and all questions. Please contact the JUNG team under

More information about our partner JUNG here.

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