NAX Report 02/19: NAX-Partner JUNG: Top Countries of Export Business: Partnership Network Austria

Top Countries of Export Business: Partnership Network Austria

Kinderhaus am Entenbach

Kindergarden EntenbachAdolf Bereuter

The Austrian market is one of the top export markets for JUNG. With its local representation, the company enjoys remarkable success both in Austria and in the neighbouring markets of the Balkan countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania, as well as in Hungary and Italy.

Magdas Hotel Wien

Magdas Hotel ViennaAllesWirdGut / Guilherme Silva da Rosa

Where the handshake still counts: Sustainable progress ‘Made in Germany’: JUNG as a guarantee for quality and safety
The Austrian market is an essential pillar in JUNG’s export business. A long-standing network of partners plays a key role in this. In Austria, in particular, the JUNG KNX system has achieved a high degree of market penetration. This is accompanied by high sales figures in market-driven solutions for smart home and smart building solutions that promise customers individual comfort and safety.


JUNG has successfully entered the Austrian market via a local general agent: EURO UNITECH acts as a distributor in the area of electrical installation technology and is an established partner on the Austrian market for JUNG. Since 2002, Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KGKG Kammergericht has been the main shareholder of EURO UNITECH. With its excellent sales team, EURO UNITECH guarantees good pre-marketing and very good contacts to the building trade and electrical wholesalers. The Austrian market is still very much characterized by the mentality of the handshake: with longtime employees and low staff turnover, JUNG creates trust, security and reliable quality.

Einfamilienhaus Zellerndorf

Family House ZellerndorfLisa Rastl

Decision chains: Special features and challenges of the Austrian market
The topic of globalization is a major challenge, especially in the area of managing large international projects: the responsible architect is not necessarily located at the same place as the investor and developer. In this regard, JUNG is well positioned and firmly anchored with its international project organization. As in Germany, JUNG safeguards projects in Austria over the entire construction cycle: construction process, investors, architects, planners, users and end customers, and the company also looks after electrical wholesalers and installers.

The decision-making chain plays a key role here: a central warehouse in Graz guarantees high product availability in the country itself. With its architectural consultants, JUNG secures and maintains communication with Austrian architects as a central link.

Einfamilienhaus Zellerndorf

Family House ZellerndorfLisa Rastl

Accelerating trend: Optimal solutions for sustainable progress
Products are becoming increasingly electronic: this requires optimal and up-to-date knowledge of both products and the industry. As a result, entire system solutions can be offered. Away from pure product to customized solutions. With regard to the competition, JUNG stands out by its consistency in market development. With regular on-site employee training sessions and informative events, led by accomplished sales trainers, JUNG increases awareness of the products and keeps its promise of excellent service.

There is an accelerating trend that can be observed: product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter – for JUNG, this means bringing optimal solutions of the highest safety standard to the customer in ever shorter intervals and ensuring sustainable progress.

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