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NAX-Partner JUNG

Wohnungsentwurf nach biophiler Designidee: Apartment Freebooter in Amsterdam || Architekten: GG-loop

Apartment design based on a biophile design idea: Apartment Freebooter in Amsterdam || Architects: GG-loopFrancisco Nogueira

Digital communication technologies change our daily lives, reprogramme socio-cultural codes and give rise to new lifestyles and behaviour patterns. The ever increasing need for flexibility and mobility along with a sense of community and belonging becomes the driving force of new concepts: interconnected, digital, postfossil and shared.
How can architecture contribute to satisfy individualisation, connectivity, urbanisation und neo-ecology processes? As the most visible of all arts, architecture can bring about a shift in values towards responsible conduct via-à-vis people and nature and make it visible and
perceptible for society – slowly but radically and long-term, by means of buildings facilitating generous co-habitation and adapted to the environment and its characteristics, without ever getting boring, with rooms allowing for individualisation just as digital and real proximity, and lastly protecting nature and the
environment in the process and using existing resources wisely. JUNG always commits to such architecture.

Amid sweeping changes some essentials remain the same: Towards the future with a pioneering spirit

Deeply rooted in the region and its largest employer, JUNG manufactures its pure switch series and innovative components for modern building technology in its own plants – with consistently high ‘Made in Germany’ quality. Long-term business relations with local and nationwide suppliers are the basis for
reliable infrastructure. Thanks to this short-distance supply chain the family enterprise ensures for decades, and not only in normal times, agility, safety and continuity in availability and individual order inquiries.


JUNG – Detaillierte Handarbeit für beeindruckende Farbtiefe in den 63 originalen Farben Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier

JUNG – Manual work for impressive color depthJUNG

Architectural thinking in durable terms, still considered modern years from now, is a core competence just as the creation of a portfolio which can be combined in many ways to realise unique architectural and interior concepts, always keeping in mind that people realise the true value only when contemplating architecture. Especially urban life in its densification along with a longing for pleasant greening require new constructions and renovations to come up with future-oriented solutions. Aspects like comfort, economics, safety and energy-efficiency are controllable thanks to JUNG’s innovative solutions – in private and utility buildings just as in the hospitality sector. JUNG thus contributes to future-oriented architecture and unique interior design combined with its linear switch designs.

Grünes Symbol für Darmstadt Alnatura Campus || Architekten: haas cook zemmrich Studio 2050

A green symbol for Darmstadt: Alnatura Campus || Architecs: haas cook zemmrich Studio 2050Henrik Schipper

With the design classic LS 990 and its modern, flush interpretation LS Zero in Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours, JUNG is, for example, the only switch manufacturer worldwide to provide an architectural highcontrast colour scheme of crucial relevance particularly in the area of ‘healing architecture’. JUNG ushers in the next era of sustainable construction of serial rooms with the pre-assembled installation system ‘Plug + Go’, in cooperation with Wieland. The saving potential is enormous: 70% shorter wire length and 50% less copper consumption are only two of the many positive aspects of this product development.


Der Alnatura Campus: ausgestattet mit LS 990 in Alpinweiß und Dark sowie dem intelligenten KNX-System von JUNG

The Alnatura Campus: equipped with LS 990 in alpine white and dark and the intelligent KNX system by JUNGHenrik Schipper

Together for a vision

But JUNG is known for more than iconic switch designs and smart building technology ‘made in Germany’. JUNG is a partner for architects, planners, the trade and builders – analog and digital. JUNG provides planning tools and digital data to optimise the planning and building process. JUNG supports the building trade with numerous partnerships, cooperations and promotions, day after day, bursting with new ideas, optimism, passion and vision, for establishing values requires commitment and realisation. The issue of using decentrally produced, regenerative energy serves here as the elementary basis. It is only logical that JUNG shares its expertise since 2009 with different bodies of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (DGNBDGNB Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V. e.V.) (German Society for Sustainable Construction).

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