New ACE Publication on business models for architects

The Architects’ Council of Europe (ACEACE Architects’ Council of Europe Conseil des Architectes d’Europe), in collaboration with the German Federal Chamber of Architects, has launched a new publication on the topic of “innovative business models”. The short reader “Architecture – Passion or Profession?” is intended to inspire architects and office founders to think about their business model and the business side of their practice. In Germany, 95% of all architecture offices employ nine people or less, and about 75% of all offices have a turnover below the EUEU Europäische Union award threshold of EUR 215,000. Many offices do not generate office surpluses or owner salaries commensurate with their training. Passion is an important driver for starting and running an architectural practice. But the ability to run a business is a prerequisite for its survival. One must combine passion with business acumen to successfully run an architectural firm. In that light, it’s not an exaggeration to say, “Your architecture firm is the most important house you’ll ever build!”

Given the fact that almost all architecture firms have the same business model, the brochure aims to create awareness of business models.

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