Insurance Overview

ACE Report

Legal obligation to be insured for liability
GREEN yes 
RED no
Architects’ Council of Europe

Based on the insurance overview recieved from the Architects’ Council of Europe ACE and the insurance country maps and sheets published, you will find here the useful information about Insurance in Germany.

The Insurance Fact Sheet answers insurance questions and gives further informations about the follwoing topics :

  • Obligation to insure
  • Legal Basis
  • Calculation of insurance premium
  • Forms of Insurance contract
  • Contractual liability
  • Joint and several (in solidum) liability
  • Duration of Liability
  • Insurances / Agents

Member organisation(s):

  • BAKBAK Bundesarchitektenkammer- Architects’ Delegation Germany-Bundesarchitektenkammer
  • BDA- Architects’ Delegation Germany-Bund Deutscher Architekten
  • BDB- Architects’ Delegation Germany-Bund Deutscher Baumeister Architekten und Ingenieure BDB
  • VfA- Architects’ Delegation Germany-Vereinigung freischaffender Architekten
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