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NAXNAX Netzwerk Architekturexport’ greatest benefit is the commitment of its members and the experience export-driven planners share with each other.

The heart of the network are the so-called NAX members: the further down mentioned internationally operating offices have already successfully expanded abroad – either with a local office, or project-oriented as a partner.

In doing so, they help to make the brand ‘Architecture Made in Germany’ even more popular abroad.

The projects of the NAX members are, among others, presented in the current NAX exhibition ‘Contemporary Architecture. Made in Germany’ which has been designed as a touring exhibition in order to promote German planners – it has been shown in France, China and Norway so far.

NAX members meet on a regular basis to discuss the latest topics and share their experiences. Representatives from politics and economics are regularly present at NAX events and participate in the discussions.

Our e-mail service informs NAX members about calls for international competitions, events, trade fair participations and delegation trips. So they are always up to date.

Are you interested in a NAX memberschip and want to learn more about the Network for Architecture Exchange? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

NAX Members

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